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About a year ago I noticed a change in my eyesight. I had had cataract surgery in the summer, on both eyes, and this seemed successful. However, by late September I had a slowly creeping fog overtake vision in my right eye and a small area of fog in the upper section of my left eye. After many visits to the eye doctor he sent me to a specialist and I finally was diagnosed in May with " Non-Arteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy ". This basically means deterioration of small capillaries to the optic nerve, caused probably by small strokes. 

Thankfully there is no pain  involved and the condition seems to have stabilized. I have extremely limited vision in my right eye (essentially blind) and about 85% in my left eye, so I am able to read (I get a lot of books in LARGE PRINT from the library now:-) and I can paint and draw with some effort. I need to use magnifying lamps and hunch up close to the canvas. I can work for an hour or two but then become too fatigued to continue...I start making mistakes.

It has been difficult to adjust and very frustrating that I can no longer just get in my car and drive places on my own...I think I am not safe on the road anymore! Loss of this independence is never easy but I have a a wonderful husband and good friends who take me where I need (or want) to go. I do not want to be one of those older persons (I am 73) who refuses to give up their car keys when it is time!  As for working, I am finally accepting that my capacity is diminished  and that it isn't going to improve. 

On the bright side I am spending time in a friend's ceramics studio playing with clay and discovering some possible art techniques to try in cut and paste play. 

I am not looking to exhibit or accept commissions any longer.