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Commissions Pricing

Karen will work with you to provide a portrait that meets your hopes and expectations; an heirloom to pass down in your family. She will meet and discuss what you want and she will work from life if feasible, or take multiple photographs and design a composition from those that she can work from in her studio. Either way expect the process from beginning to completion to take from a few weeks to several months depending upon size and complexity of the piece.

Pricing for portraits depends upon medium, size, and complexity of the commission. The scale of a subject in a portrait should be no smaller than 3/4 life size and no larger than full life size. All work is completed using archival, professional grade materials.

Multiple subjects and complexity of clothing and/or background increases cost and is negotiated.

Basic fees for Head and Shoulders:

  • oil — $1200
  • pastel or coloured pencil — $975

Basic fees for 3/4 figure:

  • oil — $4500
  • pastel or coloured pencil — $2500

Basic fee for Full Figure:

  • oil — $6500
  • pastel — $4000